Digital Skills Academy is a digital education provider based in Abuja, Nigeria. We are on a mission to empower 1 Million individuals by year 2030 to acquire the digital skills needed for wealth creation and ultimately live a fulfilled life. We are passionate about wealth creation; that is why at Windave Digital Skills Academy our courses are specially designed to give you practical hands on skills that you can apply immediately to start your wealth creation journey. We also help businesses especially SMEs leverage the online opportunity by helping them get online, engage online, generate quality leads, nurture them into paying and loyal customers, increase sales and profitability and ultimately increase wealth. If your goal is around acquiring digital skills that will enable you make money online, then we are here for you.

Our mission is to help individuals and organizations acquire quality world-class digital skills required to solve real problems, create wealth and live fulfilled lives.

We have discovered that the reason many live below the poverty line is not because of the absence of education but the absence of practical skills that can create wealth. We are focused on Digital Skills because the future is Digital and that is why we are passionate about helping millions of African citizens and businesses with the necessary Digital skills needed for wealth creation.


To be the No 1 provider of quality world-class Digital Skills education in Africa