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Call To Action (CTA) What is it?

What is Call To Action? CTA stands for “Call to Action”. It’s a process of converting prospective clients into customers through persuasive written words.  

As a digital marketer in the copywriting niche, you must know the right Call To Action for every product/service you’re showing and when to use it. 

In content writing, most times, Call To Action isn’t necessary. Because content writers engage their readers in reading more of the content (i.e. drive traffic to the blog, etc.). 

The purpose of a Call To Action is to make visitors to your website do something beneficial to your business, (such as sharing your post on social media, purchasing an. Item, getting more tips via newsletter, or being part of a class). 

A cautiously written Call To Action will attract the eyes of the customers and encourage them to click(take action). Without clear CTAs throughout your website, consumers will have less incentive to interact with the content and might eventually lose interest. 

Types of CTAs 

CTAs entice and drive consumers’ action depending on the content/copy purpose.

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Benefits of a clear CTA 

There are several reasons for a brand using CTA either an online store or offline store.

The major benefits are increased sales and boosted engagement with the marketer’s website. 

  • Improve conversion rate;

Clear CTA provides a connection between a consumer and a product/service availability. It reduces confusion and makes the consumer stuck in the copy. 

  • They are needed;

Customers/Consumers need them for clarification. Especially after seeing the benefits of the offer. CTA helps them get that which is good for them. 

  • Boost advertising success;

Clear CTA is crucial mostly for Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising. A CTA that is brief and direct will give a good impression on your customers. 

Clear Call To Action increases and eases the buying process in the copy. This leads to high conversion sales rates as more customers complete the wanted action. 

  • Users’ experience and Brand identity;

Clear CTA gives customers the insight that your website and contents are readily accessible.  It helps build brand recognition and strengthen your message. 

A call-to-action is a coating touch on any marketing copy. It’s a crafty way to tell consumers or customers that they should take important action right away.  

15 CTA’s that converts 

CTAs come in industries, learn and examine how CTAs can be outlined in your niche. 

Such as; digital marketing, e-commerce, fashion, digital products, software as a service (SaaS), healthcare, education, finance, and more.  

Example of CTAs

  • Get rid of your problems now in an instant 

  • Get more tips 

  • We want to be part of your success story 

  • Act now before this deal is gone for good! 

  • The “Add to cart” button is below 

  • “Call Now!” 

  • More for less. 

  • Learn More

  • Here’s a gift for you, simply for free of charge 

  • Proven ——–

  • One-time payment… Just 20$ 

  • Share this to help a friend learn and earn more.

  • How I changed my life, with (no of steps)

  • How to skillfully enter the —- of your — so that they will —– 

  • Talk to us and we’ll help you make a decision 

  • Order now! I want you to have complete confidence after using this product. 

The key to a potent call-to-action is to make customers appealing reasons to purchase the offer.

In conclusion; 

Make it easier for consumers to act immediately and that can advance your content marketing strategy or copy.


Keep your CTAs 

  • Short written words

  • Use action words 

  • Caption attention 

  • Make the addition of  urgency 

Now go add these to your content for easy digestion for your consumers.