1. Employees shall maintain professional appearance at all times while on duty and shall wear clothing appropriate to their duties. Indecent dressing that reveal private parts is highly prohibited.

2. Employees shall be at the work place, ready to work at the regular starting time. Working hours for all categories of employees are Monday to Saturday, 8:AM – 5PM and Saturday 9AM – 4PM. All employees are expected to be punctual and reach office on time. After 8:05 AM, it would be marked as late.

3. Employees are entitled to one hour break daily to be taken any time from 1PM – 4PM depending on work load.

4. Employees shall not engage in outside employment that is detrimental to the company’s interest. Note: Employees shall not engage in any other assignment outside official company assignment while in the company premises.

5. Employees shall not reveal company information and records to unauthorized persons.

6. In case of ill health, employees must report to their supervisor.

7. Employees shall not conduct any personal business during working hours nor use company equipment and materials for any personal interests.Use of website, email, phones and internet are for work purposes only.

8. Unauthorized possession, duplication, or use of agency keys, badges, logo, website, email, identification or any other property is highly prohibited.

9. Failure to deliver assigned task in accordance with agreed job description will automatically attract 5% surcharge from employee salary & allowances.

10. Lateness to work attract 5% surcharge from employee’s salary.

11. Employees must respond to official phone calls, emails, Whatsapp messages and other communication at all times. Failure to respond without a cogent reason will attract surcharge from employee’s salary and allowances.

12. Employees must maintain current and accurate personal data with their supervisor and Human Resources Office.

13. Firearms or weapons of any kind are prohibited on work sites.
14. Racial, sexual, religious or ethnic harassment of any person is prohibited.

15. Possession, ingestion or distribution of alcoholic beverages and/or illegal or controlled substances at work sites is highly prohibited.

16. Failure to report to duty without proper permission will attract surcharge or dismissal.