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How to Create Digital Products: What are digital products

How to create digital products? I saw an Instagram post on the best business to do and earn more. There were lots of businesses mentioned, but I repeatedly found “digital products/ teaching your skill” and I couldn’t agree less. You have heard too about it and that’s why you are here to learn more about how to create digital products and the best digital products to sell.


Best Business to Start

Selling digital products has speedily grown to become one of the most lucrative ways to monetize your website and skills.

What are digital products?

Digital products are products or services that are primarily built on digital technology, existing in a non-physical or intangible form. They offer value electronically. Examples include E-books, music, software, online courses/memberships, templates, digital artworks, virtual goods and events, etc. 

Let’s talk extensively on some of these digital products;

  1. Online courses and Memberships:

This is a way to educate and guide people into understanding whatever niche you have a solution to its problem.

Create a course or membership subscription around a topic that’s in demand for a solution.

Something to note in delivering digital products for sell is, “it should have more value compared to what you give for free”.

Online courses examples include;

Paid newsletter

Subscription either monthly or yearly

Podcasts, etc. online course can be in form of a video, writing, and audio.

Online courses once created, can be taken by many students anywhere and anytime. You only need to give them access after payment.

 Any business niche or skill can create an online course as long as there’s a market for it. Online courses are one of the best profitable digital products currently.

  1. E-books:

E-books are a written form of digital products that are mostly comprehensive sharing on a particular topic. In order to have a good and valuable E-book, as recommended, it’s great to include more of visuals in it so as not to bore your readers.

E-book is an easy digital product to create but has more knowledge challenging especially when its needs to be sold. Anyone can create an E-book but value is what brings in the “money”.  

How to create digital products:

Identify your skills and expertise: 
What can you create digitally that others would find valuable? You heard digital products are what are trending and you rush to go create one. What aspect of your versatile business needs a digital product? How best can I pass this information? what do I know to an average or full percent in order to share?

Think of these before

Define your target audience: 

Who needs your product and what problem does it solve? Understanding target audience and target market is important for any business marketing. Every brand is eligible to creating digital products, as there is a market for it but not all audience requires a digital product. Know those who are capable and willing to purchase a digital product from your business.

Choose a format: 

After knowing your target audience, what format do they resonate too easily. It’s very okay to use all digital products format, as that way you give options to everyone in your community. Pick between E-book, video course, software, podcast, etc. and deliver value.

Create high-quality content:

 Invest in good writing, design, editing, and production. The adage of “first appearance matters” is a true one. Make sure to keep your audience eager to purchase or testify about your digital products. Optimize in every way you can and make your digital products appealing to sight and sound.

Test, Analyze, and refine: 

Get feedback from potential customers and improve your product.  Go to the drawing board always, tweak where you can, re-create what you can and re-share what you know is valuable.

What digital products to sell:

This depends on your skills and your chosen niche. But, these are popular options to consider:

Educational content:

 E-books, courses, tutorials, workshops.

Creative assets: 

Templates, clipart, fonts, design resources.

Productivity tools: 

Checklists, planners, apps, time, and e-management resources.

Entertainment content:

 Music, audiobooks, games, e-magazines.

Membership communities: 

Exclusive content, access to experts, networking.

Best platforms to sell digital products:

Each platform has its pros and cons, consider:

Shopify: Best for building your brand store, but requires more setup. You can be an affiliate to the brand.

Etsy: Large audience for handmade and creative products, but may not be ideal for all digital products.

Gumroad: Simple and user-friendly for selling individual products, with limited customization options.

Udemy, Skillshare

Good for selling online courses, and reaching a large audience of learners. 

Teachable: Create and sell your own online courses with flexibility and branding control.

Additional tips:

Focus on providing value and solving a problem.

Price your product competitively.

Offer excellent customer service.

Creating and selling digital products requires effort and planning, but it can be a rewarding and profitable way to share your expertise and reach a wider  audience.

Customize your digital products approach to fit your goals and market effectively. 

Learn more about digital products 

What other digital products do you know about or what profitable business can one do? Let us know in the comment section.

Naomi Obialor

A Digital Marketer with a passion for writing and sharing knowledge in any little way I can, I hope you learned something new today?