Are you a parent and you have a teenager of 14 years and above?

Are you worried about the uncertain future of your teenager?

Do you desire self fulfillment and greater opportunities for them?

Do you want them to be among the top 5% of teenagers who are prepared for the digital economy?

This is the best gift you can ever give them

self discovery and digital empowerment

Every human came to the world with something unique but unfortunately the school system was not designed to help you discover it. Many adults are confused even after first degree, masters and even PhD as a result of not being clear about who they are and how they can serve the world and fulfill purpose.

Today, there is no longer job security and if you don’t know how to create income for yourself using your GOD given ability, you will be stranded like about 95% of the population.

Technology has leveled everything and with digital skills, you can reach the whole world with your values and they will gladly pay you handsomely for them.

But without discovering this abilities and learning the skills, you cannot create the value that will attract the world.

This is your best time to take off as a teenager and as a parent, this is the best gift you can give your young star by helping them start their journey equipped and on time.

This will save you the anxiety many parents go through to see their children succeed.

Your teenagers will discover who they are and learn the skills they need to start creating the life they desire.
This is the best gift you can give your teenager at this time.

Self discovery and digital empowerment has been carefully designed to help teenagers and young adults discover who they are and the unique potentials within and how to convert these abilities into values that can be paid for. This course will also teach you how to share this values with the whole world leveraging on technology. You will learn digital skills that will help you reach the world with your values and get paid handsomely, that is you will start making money even as a teenager.
95% of all the billionaires in the world started making money as a teenager.

You can help your teenager join the billionaire list early.

As a young adult, you will learn to discover who you are and be guided on how to take off on a path you choose.
You will also be highly informed about the digital world and how to use the tool therein to create and give value to the world.
You will learn different ways to express your ideas and reach many people.
You can make some money as a teenager while building your future.


6 Weeks of Self Discovery and Digital Empowerment

25+ Video lessons for you to consume at your convenience weekly

Weekly assignments and scheduled live sessions to aid your discovery and implementation

95% weekly Practical digital skills class via webinar

Live projects implementation to test your knowledge


Self Discovery

self discovery & digital empowerment
  • Who are you?
  • What are your values?
  • Habit and the role of the Subconscious Mind.
  • Desire
  • What is your DMP?
  • Time-Management
  • Faith
  • Fear of Criticism
  • Education and Planning
  • Sex Transmutation.


Module 1: Learn about your core being; learn what talents and abilities are; how to identify strengths; how to determine your innate abilities and choose the most dominant ones.

Module 2: How to determine values, How to choose the desired values; how to create personal values. 

Module 3: How habit is formed and the role of the subconscious mind; how to program your subconscious mind to achieve what you desire; how to create desired habit for personal development.

Module 4: The best way to create desire that works; how to maintain a burning desire; how to determine your definite main purpose in life; how to take control of your time and be more productive.

Module 5: How to infuse faith into your journey and maintain it. Learn to overcome fear of criticism and achieve your purpose.

Module 6: Know what it means to be truly educated and how to source for the right knowledge in your area; Know how to organize and plan your life’s journey; learn about your sexual energy and how to transmute it to fulfilling your life’s purpose.

Digital Empowerment

  • Digital Marketing:
  • Learn how to manage Social Media accounts for individuals and organizations and make money as a student.
  • Email Marketing: learn how to use email to communicate your ideas and get people to pay you for your values.
  • Learn how to create Facebook ads and google ads. 
  • Learn how to create your Youtube Channel, create professional videos, grow your channel and make money from it step by step.
  • Graphics design: learn how to create any graphics design using an online graphics tool.
  • Website design: learn how to create websites using WordPress and optimize them to attract people to pay you for whatever you are promoting. You will also be able to create websites for individuals and organizations and get them to pay you even while you are still in school.
  • And many more…

Total Value: N199,000

Special Promo Price = N24,999

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At the end of the Course

  • Discover innate abilities
    You will know how to meditate and look inwards to find your abilities.
    You will be able to create your personal values.
  • Define their DMP
    You will determine your definite main purpose in life and pursue it with the intent of giving value to mankind.
  • Conquer Fear
    You will understand your subconscious mind, build faith and over fear to enable you succeed.
  • Digital Savvy
    Implement Digital Marketing : Social media management,email marketing,
    create Facebook and google ADs, understand how to make money from Youtube, graphic designand be able to build and manage professional website design and much more.

Meet Your Teachers

Chiamaka Azubinne

Chiamaka Azubine is a woman with over 12 years of banking experience. Her mother who is a school teacher influenced her life style a lot and exposed her to the art of teaching at a very young age. This influence still remained with her in all the stages of her journey in Life.
When she was working in the bank, she felt unsatisfied and longed for more from life, she then decided to explore further. While exploring, she attended a Self-Discovery Course and it opened her mind. She believes that inner joy and self-fulfillment is very vital for success in life. She rediscovered her abilities and decided that it must be directed towards guiding mankind intentionally. This decision gave birth to Evolving Gems.
Her desire is that every young person discovers what abilities lie within them and use it to solve today’s problems for mankind. The numerous challenges in our environment require problem solvers and great leaders. She believes that the most important way to create a great future is to awaken the younger generation in a different dimension so that the greatness we anticipate in the future will be a reality.

Emmanuel Agbachi

Emmanuel Agbachi is an experienced information technology consultant and Google certified digital marketer.

He has successfully helped several businesses especially SMEs take their businesses online.

He is the CEO of Windave Technologies Limited and they help businesses create unique professional websites that is highly optimized and converts visitors into customers using proven digital strategies.

They also help businesses implement digital strategies such as SEO, Social Media Marketing, E-mail Marketing, Google Ads, Lead Generation, Copy Writing and IT Solutions.

Emmanuel believes that technology has leveled everything and no one is permitted to be stranded in this digital age. As a result of his passion to deliver quality digital education for wealth creation, he founded Digital Skills Academy, where he and his team train both individuals and corporate entities on how to leverage on technology to reach the world with products, services and ideas.

As an information technology professional, he has over 10 years experience in IT sales, solutions, project management and business development. Before founding Windave Technologies and Digital Skills Academy, he worked with some of the biggest IT companies in Nigeria; Zinox Technologies, Task Systems and Task Direct formerly Yudala now Konga. He managed top government, private and NGO accounts providing bespoke IT Solutions, delivering outstanding results with his team and raking-in revenue of over N10 Billion. He won the best staff of the Year twice and led his team to win best team of the year award.
He is passionate about young people, technology and wealth creation.


Note: N24,999 is the least this course will ever go for

As a parent, investing this amount in the life of ypour teenager will be worth millions in a just a few months because of what this young stars will be able to do at the end of this course.

As a teenager, investing this amount in your self will save you from the many frustrations that many adults go through as a lack of direction and endless job search after schooling.

Seize the opportunity to change your story!

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  • Teenagers of 14 Years and above
  • Secondary School and University Students
  • Youths who desire to make impact in the world and fulfill their purpose
  • Young adults who are desire to take advantage of the opportunities on the internet
  • Young adults who desire to take control of their financial future and determine their income.
  • Note: To be successful with this course, you must be ready to put in the work, that is you must be ready to follow the training; go through the videos, attend the webinars, carry out your assignments and projects and practice practice practice. There is no short cut to success.

Are you ready to change your story or help your teenager or young adult change his/her story?

Self Discovery & Digital Empowerment

Total Value: N199,000

Special Promo Price = N24,999

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Your Questions Answered

  • How will the class run?
    The lessons are hosted on our platform where you will be able to access the lessons by logging in with details you will be provided with as you pay. You can take your lessons at anytime from any internet enabled device within the duration of the course. There will also be live classes via webinars for the digital skills.
  • Will I have one on one access to the teachers?
    Yes, each student will have access to the teachers during the live classes and there will also be provision for once in a week scheduled time with the teachers after the classes.
  • Is there a money-back guarantee?
    What we offer is satisfaction guarantee. We do not offer refunds after access has been given to you.
  • For how long will I have access to this course?
    You have a lifetime access to this course as long as we keep offering it or for a minimum of 1 year should we decide to stop offering it.
  • My teenager does not have a phone or laptop, can they use mine? Yes, they can use any internet enabled device to access the course but for the live digital class, a laptop or desktop will give them a better experience.
  • I am not a techie, can I do this? I am happy to let you know that you don’t need to be techie to go through this course. If you can operate a phone or computer, you are good to go.
Still Got Questions? Please call -(+234) 080-837-78324 or email

See You in Class

Chiamaka Azubinne