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Google Digital Skills For Africa: The Ultimate Guide

The world has gradually moved from an analog system to a digital form where almost all our day-to-day activities are carried out in a digital form, starting with the way we communicate, to the way we learn, the way of buying and selling, and even Engineering and Medicine.

If you do not follow the digital trend, you will be left behind. And being left behind looks like being in the dark. Digital skills are now a must if you must flourish in todays highly digitalized economy.

That is why I want to introduce you to a free learning online platform called Google digital skills for Africa.

What is Google digital skills for Africa?

Google digital skills for Africa is a free learning digital platform created by Google to help Africans learn more about the digital world, and how they can apply digital skills to real-life activities. You can learn the skills of the future, accelerate your business or career with an online digital skills.

It is a platform where you can discover some free learning courses which are built to help grow your business, start or expand your career and upgrade your digital skills.
There are 100s of modules you can find in Google digital skills for Africa which are divided into 3 segments.

1. Digital marketing.
2. Career Development
3. Data.

1. Digital Marketing Skills

This will expose you to the following:

•Fundamentals of digital marketing.

•How to get a business online.

•How to make people find you online, how search engines and online advertising can help you connect with more customers.

•How you can promote a business with online advertising.

•You will learn how to improve your search engine performance (SEO) and use online advertising (SEM) to boost sales and awareness.

•You will learn how to expand your business to other countries and start selling your product and service across the country.

•How you can grow your online presence and start reaching new customers on their mobile contacts.

•How you can promote your business through social media, videos, and content marketing.

•How you can understand your customer’s needs and online behaviors.

•How to reach your audience with the right message and protect your campaign from common cyber attacks.

•Customer segmentation and prospecting.

•Marketing in a digital world.

•Marketing analytics.

•Understanding the web.
•How to use digital tools for everyday tasks.

•How to Build your online business, etc.

Google Digital Skills for Africa

2. Career Development

This will take you to the following modules:
•How to build confidence with self-promotion.

•How to land your next job.

•How to increase productivity at work.

•Introduction to digital well-being.

•Effective networking.

•Business communication.

• How to communicate your ideas through storytelling and design.

•Speaking in public, and many more.

Google Digital Skills for Africa

3. Data

This will expose your knowledge to the following:
•The basics of code and machine learning.

•Improve your online business security.

•Google cloud platform fundamentals.

•Elements of AI

•Fundamental of graphic design.

•Security digital democracy.

•Programing for everybody: Getting started with python.

•Search Engine Optimization SEO.

•Introduction to cyber security for businesses.

•Cloud computing concepts, and many more.
How can it benefit young people?

•Learning Google digital skills will help you to know how to grow your business or services.

•It helps you learn how to bring your business online and create awareness.

•You can start a new career.

•It helps in career development.

•It improves your confidence to use technology for work, learning, and daily life.

•It helps you create and share content online in a very useful way.

Some of the courses like Fundamentals of Digital Marketing have Google free certification and all you need to do to be able to get the Google certificate is to finish the modules and write a quick quiz, pass the final exams and get your certificate.

The most beautiful thing about Google digital skills for Africa is that it is a free online course, you can learn from the comfort of your zone without paying a dime.

All you need to do is, sign in to Google digital skills for Africa with your gmail account and choose any skill of your choice. There are about 160 courses.

Google Digital Skills for Africa

What is the purpose of creating the platform?

1. To improve your digital skill.

2. Expose you to different digital careers one can switch into.

3. Many jobs today need digital skills.

4. To help young people build their confidence.

5. To expose people to information and services.


Some online courses require users to pay a certain amount before they can have access to the courses, however, Google digital skills for Africa is free, all you need is an internet network-accessible device, and data (Mobile phones or laptops) that can connect to the network .

It doesn’t require any previous experience or preliminary course before you can start.

What are you waiting for, go ahead to Google Digital Skills for Africa  and sign up now.