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How To Become a Digital Marketer in Nigeria

How to become a digital marketer in Nigeria. You might have heard that digital marketing is one of the hottest jobs available today in Nigeria and globally and that it’s one of the easiest way to benefit from the tech job boom without being a techie yourself. 


You’d be wondering what this digital marketing thing is and how you can become a digital marketer in Nigeria working from the comfort of your home and earning globally.


Lets’ begin with the traits you need to succeed in digital marketing in Nigeria and globally

Traits You Need To Succeed in Digital Marketing

Succeeding in digital marketing is not rocket science, if you have the following traits, then digital marketing is for you. As you go through the list, evaluate yourself and see which of the traits you have and the ones you need to develop. 

After looking at the traits you need to succeed in digital marketing,  we can now zoom in on how to become a digital marketer in Nigeria. The good thing is that even if you don’t have these traits, you can work on yourself to develop them. 

Are you ready? Now let’s first look at the traits you need to succeed in digital marketing.


Ability to self-start In digital marketing, you enjoy a great amount of freedom but the cost is that you have to take charge and be able to drive a project from start to finish without any external push or motivation. 

Since you will be working with businesses and on different projects sometimes simultaneously, you must be able to stay focused and ensure the projects are delivered without excuses. 

Storytelling; We all love stories and have one to share. Digital marketing involves you telling about a brand or product to your potential client. If you’re a good storyteller, then come on board, please.

Communication skill; Being verbal means you can express yourself properly. Because, as a digital marketer, you are going to be speaking with an audience each day. If you can speak audibly, then you have a high chance of good written communication. 

Through good communication, you can always build trust and a good relationship with your audience. Therefore, having the ability to communicate both verbally and written is a must have to succeed in digital marketing.

Social Media Savvy: Social media is one of the most important channel of digital marketing and also forms a major part of the digital marketers work. If you’re always on Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter re-sharing content and strategically commenting on every post you come across. 

Why say digital marketing is not for you? Having a comprehensive knowledge of social media platforms makes it easy to become a digital marketer. 

Responsible; Everyone is going to say they are responsible. But, do you accept your faults and look into them to know what exactly went wrong and how you can make a change? Are you always focused on offering value no matter the challenges that come your way? If you answered yes, then you have one of the most important trait of a digital marketer.

Team player; Not everyone can tolorate another. If you work effectively with people, know how to communicate and lead suitably, then you will do well as a digital marketer.

Continuous Learning: Are you are always interested in learning new things and new ways of doing things and getting better result? Are you always hungry for self-improvement? Are always ready to learn, re-learn and un-learn?

If you answered yes to all these questions, then you are ready to become a digital marketer and you will not only succeed in Nigeria, you will succeed anywhere in the world.

With these traits, you’re qualified to become a digital marketer in Nigeria and anywhere in the world.


become a digital marketer in nigeria

Firstly, before we go on to discover how to become a digital marketer in Nigeria, we are going to understand who a digital marketer is and what they do. 

Who is a digital marketer? 

According to Digital Marketing Institute, a digital marketer is responsible for using a variety of digital channels to generate leads and build brand awareness. Digital channels include:

Company websites, Social media networks such as Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram, Search engines including Google and Bing, Email marketing

Mobile apps like TikTok and WhatsApp, Online display ads and Blogs.

Beyond this, a digital marketer must also use measurable analytics to identify weaknesses and find ways to improve performance across these channels. In this role, you can be responsible for all aspects of a company’s digital strategy or just focus on one.

Digital Marketing Roles You Can Fill in an Organization

In most small organizations, one person tends to do all the jobs of a digital marketer but in larger organizations, the roles are clearly defined. Here are some major roles available in digital marketing:

Social Media Manager: He/she is responsible for managing the social media handles of the organization including creating and posting content, responding to customers and analyzing engagements using analytics of each platforms.

 The social media manager serves as the watchdog of the brand online, using social listening tolls to ensure the brand does not fall victim of any negative publicity on social media.

Content Marketer: This person is responsible for creating valuable content across various platforms including articles, video and podcast. He/she develops the content strategy in line with the organizations short-term and long-term goals and aligns the content to achieve these goals.

SEO Specialist: This person is responsible for optimizing the various content on the website of the organization to rank for certain keywords thereby driving organic traffic to their website which will eventually lead to sales and increase in bottom-line. The SEO specialist also works with the content marketer and other team member to deliver this task.

Email Marketer: This person is responsible for utilizing email to reach both customers and prospects and position the brand to constantly generate goodwill and sales from the email list. The email marketer creates valuable content to inform, educate, entertain and sell the organization’s products and services to both new and existing customers.

Digital Advertising Specialist: He/she is responsible for creating targeted ad on social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin etc and search engine such as Google. 

ensures that the digital advertising budget of the organization is adequately utilized by ensuring that ads are well optimized through proper ad copy, targeting and re-targeting. He/ she also delivers appropriate reports after interpreting the results on the analytics.

Wed Developer/Designer/ Manager: The person is responsible for building and managing the organization’s website. He/she builds the website using content management system such as WordPress and publishes content both in line with the product and services of the organization. He also edits and updates the website periodically in line with the activities of the organization.

Now that you understand what a digital marketer does, and the various roles you can fill as a digital marketer in an organization, let’s now look at how to become a digital marketer in Nigeria.

How To Become a Digital Marketer in Nigeria

Get Certified: Knowledge they say is power, of course not just having knowledge but having the required knowledge and utilizing the knowledge is the real power. 

The first step to becoming a digital marketer in Nigeria is to get the required training. If you know what digital marketers do and the various roles you can fill in an organization and even how much you can earn but you lack the knowledge that is required, you will be frustrated.

Therefore, you need to get practical training on digital marketing so as to be equipped to fill any of the above listed roles. At Windave Digital Skills Academy, you can get certified through our signature 360 degrees digital marketing training that has been designed to take you from level 0 to 100% within 6 weeks. 

You can secure a seat by registering for here. You can learn offline at our digital center in Abuja or online through a scheduled live class

Choose a niche: You can’t be jack of all trades in the digital space also. Just as the professional career are into different niches (such as a doctor; you have a; dentist, gynecologist, otolaryngologist, neurologist, etc.). 

After carefully understanding the various roles you can fill in digital marketing, then you pick the one that interests you the most. It could be a graphic designer, social media manager, content marketer, SEO Specialist, Digital Advertising Specialist, Email marketer, website designer, etc. 

The list goes on. It’s possible to combine two or more job roles especially if you plan to set up a business online or you are working for a small business but at the beginning, you need to start with one niche and as you master that one, you can add another and that way you can deliver value to your

Offer Free Service: This may not make sense to you now but try it and see. Offering free service will not only help you get better through practice but you will also build a large bouquet of projects which can serve as proof of your competence when the time comes.  

Join communities: You are not alone on the journey of transitioning into tech as a digital marketer. There are various groups dedicated to digital marketers on different social media platforms. Be part of them, ask questions, contribute and gain knowledge as others contribute. 

Volunteering/ Internship; Practice they say makes perfect but we say “PRACTICE MAKES PROGRESS”. Volunteering to work for a digital marketing agency will help you advance in the digital marketing career.  

Note; Internship is not the same as volunteering. While internship focuses on learning from established organizations, volunteering focuses on working with other organizations / persons to offer value to others and in doing that you also practice and get better.

Start your agency/ Get a Job: As you become a professional, it is time to start your own agency/freelance or you can get a job as a digital marketer to fill any of the positions in line with your competence. There are numerous jobs advertised daily both locally and internationally where you can work onsite or remotely.  

As the digital world keeps evolving, it is important to improve your skills and stay on top of your game. 

That means becoming a digital marketer involves constant learning and staying active on new updates about tools, sites, etc. 

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