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How To Optimize Your Linkedin Profile For Job Search

Will my LinkedIn profile be optimized before I get a Job via LinkedIn?

How to optimize your Linkedin profile. It’s one thing to own a LinkedIn page, it’s another thing to have it optimized and visible. The reason you’re searching for how to optimize your LinkedIn is that you want to be marketable, and recruited. 

Your LinkedIn page is your professional online resume. It won’t be easy to stand out due to the population’s use of the platform, but by using the right way to optimize your LinkedIn, you’d have authority in your niche. Optimizing your LinkedIn profile is crucial to increasing your visibility and appeal to possible connections or employers when searching for a new job. 

In this post, we will teach you how to optimize your LinkedIn profile and help you fully utilize it. 

LinkedIn is a professional network platform, everything going on here or done in its space should be or have a professional look. 

Here are simple ways you can optimize your profile to stand out from the crowd:

Use a professional profile photo 

Having a professional photo serves as a first impression of your branding. It can be a studio photoshoot, an empty background, or your workspace. 

Your face should cover a whole lot of the photo space.  If you do not have enough for a professional photo shoot, you can always take some with your phone and edit with various editing apps provided on the smartphone. 

Also, use a quality background cover photo that highlights or represents your relevant brand slogan and email details.  It should be a short text that attracts and defines your strength. 

Note: The size of a LinkedIn profile photo is 400*400 px. 

Have a catchy headline 

Here, I would say to ensure the use of relevant keywords that will make your name pop up when recruiters search. 

Fix your current skill, and use a creative mind to craft a catchy write-up. If you own a brand that’s on LinkedIn, it’s okay to tag it alongside your headline.  

Update your talk about section; what do you find interesting when discussing and a skillset you can comfortably tutor others on without feeling overburdened?  

Turn on creators mode, so you can have access to more tools and make your page visible. 

Dashing Summary

Your summary should contain all you have to offer to your prospective clients. But first have an engaging hook beginning. 

Take them through a lane, either as a story or your expertise in intriguing words. 

Make your summary brief but relevancy-based, and solution-solving. 

You can also talk about your future goals as a personal brand(people would love to feel like they are a part of your life). 

Highlight your experience, if you are still on that career path, and fix any necessary contact info for accessibility and a clear Call-To-Action (CTA). 

how to optimize your Linkedin profile


You might be wondering how education should be a factor in having an optimized LinkedIn profile. 

People who pass through schools are seen as educated people. 

This also works for people who are currently in their course of study’s career path.  It will give an edge to industries hiring, that you truly did acquire this degree. 

Aside from sharing your thoughts about the career path, being seen as a certified graduate is a big landmark in the optimization of your LinkedIn profile. 

It can also help to establish integrity and make you more likely to be considered for job opportunities that require specific educational credentials.  

Relevant Skills 

LinkedIn gave the option to list all your skills as many as you can. 

“List out skills you’re best at” or skills you have used in your previous workplace. 

It’s not all about listening skills, but important skills you are most skilled at and would be useful in any new position you will acquire. 

Ensure to have the various soft skills listed to make you distinct and employable. 

Examples of such skills include; 

  • Communication 
  • Team player
  • Flexibility
  • Problem-solving 

Also, hard skills align with your strengths. But being in the LinkedIn space, you should have skills as 

  • Researching 
  • Information technology 
  • AI 

Endorsement and Recommendation  

If you really want to learn how to optimize your Linkedin profile, then you may have to request for endorsements and recommendations. There’s nothing wrong with requesting an endorsement or recommendation. This will strengthen your professional reputation and make your profile stand as a leader in that field.  

Ask for endorsement from relatives, friends, colleagues, clients, etc. 

As you seek a recommendation, be kind to give out. It is easier that after recommending a friend, they would want to reciprocate. 

Where to find the recommendation button? 

Click on the three-dot icon of a colleague’s profile.  

You can either request or give a recommendation. 

Keep the recommendation brie

Optmizimg linkedin profile for job search

Work Experience 

If you are just starting in the LinkedIn space, you probably have no experience with LinkedIn. 

If your past work experience in the physical office location has a LinkedIn account, you can always tag and list out what task you were in charge of during your stay. 

Also, If you recently got a gig via LinkedIn, it’s not to only have job titles, but also your achievement in metric format based on what you did or currently doing at that position. Recruiters are most interested in your current role.


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Post content consistently 

When I say consistently, don’t get me wrong you need to post every day. But that’s the topic of another tip (engagement strategy). 

Post your thoughts about your career, personal development, testimonials, industry insights, etc. 

Share valuable content that will cover all content marketing strategies. It can be educational content, entertaining yet learnable content, inspiring content, etc. It can come in video, carousel, infographics, long-form, or short-form articles. 


Knowing how to optimize your Linkedin profile and making it work perfectly for you doesn’t have to take a lot of your time. Try tweaking these points on your page. 

Now that you know these applications and workable tips to help you with your LinkedIn profile optimization, go make some changes to your LinkedIn profile. 

If you have tried any of these steps, let us know in the comment section which worked for you. 

Do not forget; 

This is a professional platform as earlier stated. Make it crucial that your profile represents you in the best possible ways, to attract pertinent connections and gigs. 

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