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How To Grow Your Business With Digital Marketing


How to grow your business with digital marketing: The question is no longer “whether you need digital marketing for your business?” rather it is now how do you leverage on digital marketing to grow your business?

This is one of the most exciting time to start a business because you no longer need huge capital, employees and other resources to grow a business.

In fact, the most important thing you need today to grow any business is the right knowledge and skills and digital marketing is MUST if your business must succeed.

Digital marketing offers a lot of benefits to businesses if done correctly and with the right tools.

Check out other blog posts from us to understand the benefits and right tools needed.

In this blog post, I will be explaining the various best ways to grow your business with digital marketing techniques.

It’s the same techniques I have implemented for my brand and clients’ business which has led to so many success stories.

It might be overwhelming at the beginning, but the discipline and consistency incorporated will yield a rewarding achievement. 

Ensure to understand the digital marketing tips, and see how to fix them into your business niche for implementation. 

Here are a few digital marketing ideas to grow your business.

How to grow your business with digital marketing

Understand your audience

If you want to use digital marketing for business growth, you need to research and know your customers or audience because not everyone is interested in what you are selling.

This will help you set achievable goals and digital marketing strategies to improve your business.

You can’t sell to everyone and anyone. You need to determine know those who are interested in your product/service, the problem they need to solve, and the right emotions (either greed, pride, love, etc.) to trigger with your products or services, so as to promote your brand in that way to them and gain their trust.

 Start and Build Your Social Media Presence

Everyone is online these days. It’s important to stay active and let your audience know you care.

Social media is one of the best place to create awareness about your products/ services and quickly build trust and even a community that will lead to consistent sales even for a life-time.

Just like understanding your target audience, you need to understand the social media platform you want to focus on.

Creating valuable content, building brand awareness, and staying on top of trends is key on social media.

how to grow your business with digital marketing

You can decide to outsource this role to a marketing agency for a social media management role or a freelance social media marketer, to make the work easier for you.

Video Marketing

This comes in different forms. It can be via social media platforms, YouTube videos, recorded course videos, etc.

According to research, videos are more powerful and accepted by consumers for service or product purchases. 

It could be a behind the scene, order package, a tutorial on the product use, educational video content about your product or service, A-day-in-a life of a business owner, Reviews by customers, etc.

Video content drives traffic and builds trust because it feels like humans and attracts attention.

Build an Email list

What happens when social media apps or sites begin to glitch? And you can’t have access to your page.

This is where email marketing comes in place and is helpful. Your email list is one of the most important aspect of your business because, you can benefit from it for life as long as you keep delivering value to your audience.

how to grow your business with digital marketing

Building an email list will help in the aspect of sending necessary info about business updates, personalized sales content, and sharing valuable content with your audience.

An email list can be built by offering a free product/service (lead magnate) via your websites or social media posts. That way prospects can have incentive that will propel them to get into your email list but remember, to keep them, you must serve them selflessly.

Have a website

This should be the start of a growing business with digital marketing, but not all businesses can afford the cost of a good website.

But, there are other ways of building a website or web presence with Google Business, E-commerce marketplace, etc.

If you can afford the cost (not so expensive), why not build one?

Having a website makes a great impression on your brand and builds credibility. People won’t doubt your business.

It will help you to improve your search engine ranking and make the brand visible globally.  Ensure to make the website appealing, mobile device friendly, and have a clear call-to-action.

how to grow your business with digital marketing

Web/Blog content

Now that you have a website, what next?

Just post product photos and name price yeah.

That’s not part of the plan though, because you’re to do more just than that!

You need to update your blog content with the necessary info about the business, a product description, helpful content that helps solve a problem, DIY tips, etc.

You can also integrate video by connecting some videos on your youtube channel to your website so that visitors who come to your website can also watch your videos without having to go to youtube

This will make you emerge as an authority in your niche because of the massive value you provide your audience.

Ensure to always optimize your blog post to keywords you know they (the target audience) will want to know about.


I want to know who has patronized you and got value or got their problem solved.

I want to know how productive this product is. Share the reviews and feedback gotten from past customers.

Just as I want to know, so does your potential customer want to know too.

People purchase mostly after they have seen others patronize a business or hear from a customer.

Always ask for a review when necessary and if possible get it on video.

If you get bad feedback, apologize and ask how they can be compensated and work towards improving on the flaw outlined. 



This is the most common and easier feature for brand awareness and sales funnels.

Advertising helps reach more customers and a targeted audience fast.

There are different advertising mediums such as; Google, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Linkedin, In-app advertising, etc.

You’ll need to research and understand the keywords, demographics, etc of your potential customers.

Social media platforms are great for advertising as it has several users daily and serves as search engines.

After you have done one or two advertisements, you should survey or study how the campaign went. To see which ads were effective and productive and when you have discovered this, you can repeat what works to getter even higher results.

how to grow your business with digital marketing

Influencer marketing

Every niche has one who is into it and probably has built an audience interested in it. 

That is people have seen them as experts in the niche or industry and are ready to listen or follow what they say about a brand.

Research influencers in your industry and partner with them.

It can be a product for free, a sales percentage, or a payment to promote your brand to his/her audience. 

Influencers can help expand brand visibility.


I earlier talked about this in the advertising post, but now let’s go a bit broad on the topic.

The analytics aspect of digital marketing is very important to all brands.

The analytics will help measure the performance of your business in the digital space.

You can use several tools such as Google Analytics to oversee what’s working and what is not. You might not understand how this works, but it will be very good for your business.

If you’re inexperienced in digital marketing, you are free to outsource this role to experts to help you make sense out of your data both on social media and website.


Collaboration and Community

Let’s talk about collaboration first. It will be very interesting to see brands of the same industry create a blog post(with backlinks) of videos explaining the necessary info about the business.

This will make people interested in the business and would love to watch the brand’s growth and progress.

Also, it means you’re learning from the other brands and seeing their audience behavior. 

Community building; could be a social media group or even an email list.

But, this is from a closer part. Where you can chat with your audience, ask questions, reply to comments, know them on a personal level, etc. These communities can be created via Facebook, Telegram, Discord, etc.

Ensure to bring your audience together using any of these platforms and utilize it to grow your audience.


 Digital Marketing has a lot of opportunities for businesses, and growth development.

It’s all on you to know how to use them.

The first step you have taken already is to know if it’s important to your business.


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