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Top Digital Skills To Learn in 2024

Top Digital Skills to Learn in 2024

Top Digital Skills To Learn in 2024: As the world recovers from the aftermath of COVID-19, one of the fall out is the realization that work can be done virtually and still produce the same or even better results in some cases. 

Organizations the world over now realize the importance of having a workforce that is digitally compliant and this has fuelled the demand for digital skills.

Having digital skills is no longer optional but the new normal and those who do not have them are only a time bomb waiting to explode.

Having digital skills gives you the power to earn more and also to become freer because you can now work remotely for organizations while commanding higher pay.

The beauty of digital skills is that they are required in virtually all industries and they are easy to learn, In fact any one can learn most of them and most of them do not require prior knowledge.

Acquiring digital skills can also be your passport to your dream of owning a business or becoming a freelancer. With these skills, you can start and grow your business online and work independently for clients from all over the world.

Even as an employee, you can use this skill to run your side hustle in the evening and on weekends even as you strive to deliver your best for your employer.

You might ask; if everyone is learning digital skills, will I still find an opening? Millions of businesses are launching everyday requiring several services around digital skills and looking for individuals to fill the positions. 

More and more businesses are digitalizing their operations and opening doors of opportunities to remote workers from all over the world. 

Thousands of influencers are looking for skilled individuals to help them manage several aspects of their online presence and the lists goes on..

Having these digital skills may be your passport to living your dream life. You can travel the world and join in transforming lives and communities.

Before we look at the top digital skills to learn in 2024, let’s first understand what digital skills are.

First, what are digital skills? 

This is a range of abilities to use digital devices, communication applications, and networks to access and manage information – UNESCO.

It’s a flexible and durable skill.

Here are top digital skills you need in 2024 to start commanding higher income:  

Digital Marketing Skills

 Digital marketing is the promotion of products or services using digital channels. This skill will always come first, because if you acquire all other skills and don’t know how to market your product/service and the right strategy to adopt in order be able to reach the world with your offering, then your situation may not change.

This digital skill will help position a brand as an authority in that niche. If you are to apply for a 9-5 for instance, and you add this as part of your skills and the necessary job position relevance, there is every chance of getting hired. 

Every business wants to get booked or sold out, and you having such digital skill as marketing are a bonus to your portfolio. 

Digital marketing skills are numerous, such as Social media, email marketing, SEO, PPC, etc. But, having an idea on all can make you in demand for companies and brands.  

To be a good digital marketer and be highly requested, you need 

  • Communication skills
  • Organization skills
  • Industrious
  • Creative
  • Willing to learn 
  • A little bit of multitasking  

Video editing Skills top digital skills to learn in 2023

 Digital skill such as video editing might be narrowed down to brands that make videos or mostly in the hospitality niche. But, as it stands now in this digital world as for 2024, without having video content on your social media platforms or even links on your websites, you might be left behind. 

Video editing skill is being able to align videos, pass a message correctly, and eye-catching to a consumer. 

From our research on (blog link-content why video marketing is essential), consumers tend to learn and accumulate more with visual content such as videos than text.

Getting to know how to edit video, can set you apart and of course, create a means for extra earning as well. You might want to practice with few free apps such as capcut. Inshot etc and your day life video shoots in order to get better.

Copywriting Skills top digital skills to learn in 2023

 Sales, sales, content, marketing, cannot be complete without a copywriting skills. Having copywriting as a digital skill is top notch and cannot be underrated. This is simply writing sales copy for a brand (such as product description, brand stories, etc.) it’s a niche in the digital marketing career, but a big one.

Being able to write persuasive words that are appealing and intriguing to human and making someone take action. 

That’s the whole point of a business brand of course. If I don’t want sales, why start a business. With copywriting skills and learning the right words for CTA (link to CTA content), you are a big catch for the brand and can make sales anywhere even for your personal business. 

We love how Dan Lok makes copywriting easy and understandable. A blog material I recommend if you find this digital skill interesting. 

AI and Machine Learning

AI is one of the top digital skills in the world now and will dominate the future for a very long time.  Most brands especially SaaS (service as a software), are on the look out for people who can create machine learning algorithms, in order to make an easy experience for its users. Although, this digital skills requires a lot of brainstorming, but perfect if you have interest in the Meta world. 

Artificial lntelligence (AI) is the ability of a machine to put out words or behave like a person. Its part of our daily lives already, from our banking system, cars, applications, etc. 

Machine learning has to do with building methods that allows computers to learn from experience and get better without direct programming (link to 

There are many courses online you can learn to acquire this digital skill, but quite expensive as it’s practical and intense training. Not everyone can learn the skill, but once you can have this knowledge, you are automatically a hot cakefor companies. 

Data Analysis top digital skills to learn in 2023

 every business or brand should be able to understand what part of their service or product is bringing in the highest revenue. Although, this digital skill can be strenuous because it involves critical computer knowledge as programming, etc. 

Bu, no one was born with a skill, we all learned it, and so you can. If you are a problem solver and familiar with statistics, this is a perfect skill to boost your portfolio. 

Data analysis report, of course needs to be presented in a way so clients, consumers, etc can understand it. 

Digital skill as data analysis is very much needed in most companies, and that makes data analyst important to every brand. 

Social Media

 Social media presence is what every company desire in this 2024. Adding social media in your portfolio gives high odds for employment. Social media marketing or management is sub-niche in digital marketing as well.

As a social media person, you should understand how all social media platforms works and what type of content are needed in them. 

This digital skills 

Start here and enroll for digital marketing skills (Whatsapp embedded link)

Extra skills for self-improvement

  • Coordination
  • Team oriented
  • Enthusiasm 
  • Investing 
  • E-learning platforms
  • Leadership 

These skills we shared are currently trending and in demand, hopefully you get in and start learning one of them so as to earn extra income or be of great value to your organization.  Companies emphasize on having one of these skills as a criteria to getting employed. 

The interesting part of these digital skills is that, it can be learned from your convenient space and time and some of them can be acquired in just six weeks.

What other skills do you think we missed out on our list? Let us know in the comment section. 

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