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Video Marketing Guide

Video marketing guide – video marketing is very necessary for every enterprise. 


I don’t think the digital marketing strategy will be complete without video marketing as a part and any serious company that desires to build their business with digital marketing must consider video marketing as part of their main strategy,.


Why do I say so? 


According to a survey by Wyzowl, people learn more about a product, service, or software through video presentations. 


video marketing guide

This means people understand and prefer when seeing fellow humans explain a product or service. 

Statista projected that by 2023, 3.5 million internet users will watch, stream, or download a video once every month. 

In this blog, you will understand video marketing and its importance for your brand.  

What is video marketing? 

Video marketing is basically the use of video content to promote or inform audiences about your brand and products. It is a great way to increase engagements to your online platforms.

Importance of video marketing

70 out of 100 audiences say they would rather watch a video to know more about a brand than read about it. 

Visuals are processed a lot more times than text. 

If this was a video, you should have finished it and stuck to it, and not read the F way (top-side-bottom).  

importance of vicdeo marketing

Videos are liked 10 times more than photos 

video marketing guide

A visual representation of a brand makes a warm introduction to the brand. 

Short-form video rise fosters a relationship with the audience. 

So why then is video marketing important? 

Have you been scrolling down Instagram reels, TikTok, or Facebook reels? 

How did you react to companies or brands explaining what they do or their product/solution? You were enlightened I must say or entertained. (Edutainment)

That’s just a complete example of its importance to you as a business owner or service provider. 

It connects the human minds and that leads to conversion either a follow, order, likes, etc.   

Now, the benefits of video marketing 

  • Visibility; Potential customers are everywhere on social channels, or even checking out your website (a backlink can be added to a descriptive video). 

Video Marketing easily attracts its viewers, through color, voice, text over video, body movement, music, a person’s face or facial expression, etc.  

Showing the “how to” of your brand, or how you will be of help to a consumer.  This breeds trust for your brand. 

  •  Conversion rate; Video Marketing content builds trust, thereby leading to a high rate of conversion. Because the consumer has seen how the product or service can be a solution for them, behind the scenes, heard you speak, etc. They connect immediately with the brand.

 Take for instance Tiktok, After seeing a very educational video on how to have clear skin; you would of course follow the page to stay updated on more skin care tips. 

  • Social sharing; Have you found interesting video content and thoughts? Oh wow, let me share with my friend and family, this might help them. Yes is the answer! 

And, now your family or friends connects/follows the page to stay updated. Sounds easy right? But that’s how your brand keeps getting known. 

  • Brand credibility; Video marketing content helps build authority in your niche, the consumers feel at home because they know who they are speaking to or relating with. It also makes the brand not sound like a scam zone. 

Video marketing doesn’t have to be you running ads or selling yourself (product). It can be frequently asked questions, education on how to use your product, something relatable about your brand that sounds funny, storytelling, etc.  The whole list just says it makes you stand out and be trustworthy. 

video marketing guide

  • Google ranking; Google loves video marketing as well. SEO standard. They understand the trend and would love creators who link their explanations to video content for SERP rank. 

Google mostly now pushes content that has more backlinks to video explanations of a brand.

How to use Video Marketing for your business 

Now, the importance is very clear to your understanding and why you need to start using video marketing as part of your brand’s digital marketing strategies. 

Video Marketing can be used for education, entertainment, inspiration, and motivation content for your brand. 

  • How To – create video content showing customers and prospects how to do something – Tell your brand story with video
  • Brand story – Use video content to tell your brand story
  • Behind the scenes of your business – Create behind the scenes video content 
  • Customers or client reviews in a video content (Testimonials)
  • Packaging an order for a customer 
  • “What service we provide for you” video content 
  • “Why you need this product” content 
  • Bloopers 
  • Staff details 
  • Company indoor activity 
  • Available service or product 
  • Motivational speech etc. 

Tips on how to create Video Marketing Content for your brand guide.

video marketing guide

Know your audience; you have heard this so many times. Yes, you need to be specific and make your content defined. You can’t serve or be good to everyone. So, understanding who your consumers are, how they react, what they like to feed on, etc. It can be traced through research, hashtags, competitor’s page, etc.

Script it down; the Computer also saves to recall. So why do you think you can begin shooting without writing down all the ideas researched? Writing it down makes it easy to reflect on and practice with. Write down what to say, how to present, captions to write, etc. And concentrate on actionable, persuasive, empathetic content for your video marketing.

Keep it short and engaging; unless you’re shooting a movie. If it’s social media content, consumers love it short. The average human attention span is 8 seconds. If a consumer reaches 4 minutes and does not find the video content explanatory or solving their attention problem, they will opt out of the video. We love the KISS method (keep it short and simple).

Go straight to the point; you are trying to educate about a product and you start with a story that does not correlate with the message, a high chance the consumer will leave the video content and not check out your page the next time. TikTok founder Zhang Yiming advises its users not to have a “Pause” at the start of a video. Speak immediately and get to the point. 

Social channels; Video marketing content may differ for every social platform. Such as; the YouTube video marketing content ratio differs from the Instagram video marketing content ratio. Understanding how it is to be uploaded, video max, designs, etc.  Get the best at what you do

Quality over Quantity; Video marketing content should be good-looking and attractive to the eyes. Nothing is perfect but can be near perfect. Use various editing software to brighten or define the video for a great upload.  

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