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7 Ways To Get 500+ LinkedIn Connections

The 7 ways to get 500+ LinkedIn Connections is simple that; the more people you have interacting with your content, the more LinkedIn Connections you attract. And, this gives you authority in your niche. Having to know the 7 ways  on how to get 500+ connection on LinkedIn does not guarantee a person financial freedom, but serves as other social platform for community building.

It’s basically getting LinkedIn connections, and growing your network. 

I will be speaking as a digital marketer solving other people’s problems and forgetting to build my empire.  

Digital marketers help to solve small, medium, and large business digital and sales problems, and they often forget to build their personal brand (LinkedIn profile) which also serves as a portfolio for other job opportunities. 

Well, I meant for those who got gigs outside the LinkedIn office space that didn’t apply via LinkedIn. But let’s talk about the beginners who are starting in the digital marketing world, and who would like to be seen as a leader in their chosen digital marketing niche. 

Currently, many job recruiters require applicants to apply through LinkedIn or ask for an employee LinkedIn profile.  LinkedIn is an essential tool for career growth with the right network and connections.

The steps highlighted here are very easy ways to get 500+ LinkedIn  connections, only if you set out time (focus) and stick to it. The result can be defined as. What do you think I should use to describe the result? I would say “massive gigs” if done consistently.

Well, let’s go all in and help you grow your affluence in the official digital marketing office (LinkedIn). 

Here are (7) ways to get 500+ LinkedIn Connection and grow your LinkedIn page in less than 30 days.  It doesn’t require a lot, other than determination to grow and be of service.  

Content highlights 

Set up your LinkedIn page                 

Optimize your LinkedIn page 

Share the link and connect with friends or family 

Share valuable content 

Reach out to other LinkedIn users  

Engage with other people’s content strategically 

Analyze and stay consistent 

Let’s talk briefly on how to use these steps in meaningful ways to get 500+ LinkedIn connections and grow your network.

  1. Create an account: 

Yes, you already have an account, and that’s why you’re searching on how to get 500+ LinkedIn connection. My bad! But this is for those who are still missing out on the opportunities LinkedIn has to offer and researching on a quick way to grow their LinkedIn connection.

Ok, you already have an account. Let’s point out a few things to be checked for a good account setting; 

Photos: Make sure your profile photo is clear and appealing (I mean it’s a digital office, so show up like it’s the physical office). Also, your cover photo should have a few details about what you do or your career slogan. Make it alluring, so that someone would click to read further. 

A photo speaks a thousand words they say.

Skills: Fix in skills you’re truly good at. You can add your current learning skill but should have a tagline like; learning, practicing, etc.  If you have a lot of skills, please put them all in. We are multi-talented people here. 🙂 

This way, you are going to have a network of people around these skills who you can learn from and impact on as well.

Easy way on how to get 500+ LinkedIn connection is when people notice your skill is of great value to them, and they would love to connect. 

  1. Optimize your LinkedIn page:

Optimizing with the right keywords cannot be overemphasized especially to get easily spotted by employers and prospective connections. People are also researching on how to grow their connection just as you do currently.

Your LinkedIn profile might just be the perfect match for connecting as well. Or while you send in connection request, the recipients do go through your profile to be sure the values make a match before accepting.

When creating valuable content as well, readers most times go through the creators profile to know more about them and see if they will keep engaging/ consuming their content.

So, optimizing your LinkedIn profile is an essential part or procedure to an easy way to get 500+ LinkedIn connections. 

A few steps to do in order to have an optimized LinkedIn Profile and easy way to get 500+ LinkedIn connection

  1. First, ensure your bio covers your strengths and how you help people. You have to be a problem-solver because that’s why your expertise is needed and that way people will see your connection request as a value addition. 
  2. Summary session; make sure you cover all your relevant competence. Make it readable and memorable. It can be in a story format, but keep it short and simple. (KISS method).
  3. About session; Let us know about it you. Make it interesting and inquisitive that people will love to know if that’s true. Write a description about your past work or current work and how you are adding value using your expertise.
  4. Open to session; If you are yet to get a gig either offline or online, it’s okay to put up the “open to work session” in order to get spotted quickly.

If you are looking to “Hire” as well, there is also a tab for it.

One secret as a CEO and easy ways to getting 500+ LinkedIn connection is having your “Hire” visible! 🙂

  1. Turn on creator’s mode; Ideas for content post are recommended by LinkedIn when this mode is on. Also analytics can be done easily with “creators mode” turned on.
  2. Experience session; Experiences put you at the front role for gigs and gaining connections on LinkedIn. It could be an employer interested in the role you performed at another company or people who has worked with or currently working with a company you work with or have worked with would love to grow their network by connecting with you.
  3. Licenses and Certifications; Certifications help you stand out as an authority in whatever niche you received it for. Its an easy way to get 500+ LinkedIn connection, because people believe you know what you do and you are an expert.
LinkedIn Optimization Tips

3. Share with family and friends:

 After these first two steps, and your profile looks filled and memorable, you can connect with people you know for a start. It will be easier to start with them because they know you.

And, the “family” loves to assist.

Send out connection requests to your family, friends, colleagues, team member, classmates, etc. who has a LinkedIn profile too. Through this way while sending out “cold connection”, people do not find your account empty or as a newbie and that’s an easy way to get 500+ LinkedIn connection.

  1. Share valuable content

Give tips for problem-solving in your niche. Talk about the work ethic in your niche, and talk about how your service can boost positive results when applied properly. 

It’s a digital office space, and the only way to prove your worth is by sharing what you’re good at in an understandable way. 

Employees do not only look at your “Resume” these days, they also want to find out what have you been working on personally and publicly. How have you made people understand your expertise, or its impact on the society etc.  

Everyone loves a person of value, so do you right?

Tips on how to share valuable content as an easy way to get 500+ LinkedIn connection;

  1. Understand your strength, niche, skills, etc. and put out its benefits to a brand
  2. Research on content ideas relating to your niche
  3. Write out this ideas and how you will put them out.
  4. Do a survey on what are brands myth or fear relating to your expertise and note them down.
  5. Create a content strategy and schedules
  6. Start with what you have and now!

I hope these tips help, or you can as well reach out for more clarification.

  1. Reach out:

Now, you have got a few connections and content on your LinkedIn profile, this will make it safe for others to connect with you and learn from you.  

Go through other thought leaders in your niche, and observe what they do and replicate. 

Grow your network by sending connection messages to them.

Example; Hello, Mr. Mike I so much appreciates your work, it resonates with what I do, and I’d love to connect and learn from you. Thank you.

There is every possibility that after sending such a message to 15-20 people, 10-12 would accept the connection request because of the personalized message.  

Do this consistently for a week and observe your LinkedIn connections grow.

  1. Engagement

This is also a good technique and a proven for growing your LinkedIn connection. Commenting strategically on a fellow thought leaders’ content. Do not use the options recommended by LinkedIn. Such as; Thanks for sharing, great message, yes that’s right, I agree with this, etc. 

That a good way to comment of course, but almost everyone typing it in a comment section looks weird to me!

Read the content properly, and understand the angle of the message being passed, analyze and comment strategically. That will stand you out from the others. People have gotten gigs only because they commented relevantly on a post.

  Think more and far before commenting on a post. The more you comment strategically, the more you establish your expertise and connections publicly. 

  1. Analyze and stay consistent:

Consistently keep sharing your thoughts on your expertise, give values and connect with like-minded individuals. 

It’s time to Analyze.

Analytics is all part of growth.

Few tips on LinkedIn Content Analysis

  1. Check which post has more impression or engagement on your LinkedIn profile. 
  2. Read through comment and know what others commented for your next content idea
  3. Go through your profile visits analytics and see what people are researching on that makes your profile an option for them.
  4. Revamp or repost older content for more views and knowledge absorption
  5. You can decide to run advertisement for more reach.

Click here for How To Get a Job Via LinkedIn


  • Follow industries that you would love to work with and engage their companies post
  • Search some hash tags in the search for jobs.  (it can be niche down or #hiring) 
  • Turn on creating a creators mode (to have access to more tools) 
  • Turn on the Open to Work option in the profile section. 
  • Ask for endorsement and recommendations. (People love social proof and if a prospect sees your profile has recommendations and endorsement, it means one is of authority and knows their onion). So request for recommendations when necessary. Check out more on recommendations and endorsement here. 
  • Take a LinkedIn skill assessment for certification and development purposes
  • Keep your Resume up-to-date.


The benefits of having a great LinkedIn page or profile are numerous, from getting gigs, gaining more connections, collaboration, etc. 

The old adage of; “The more your Network, the more your Net worth” is all true.

Good luck in growing your network in the digital office. 

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