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What is Content Marketing in Digital Marketing

 Transitioning into tech roles is on the increase and there are a lot of Job tasks for content marketing in Digital Marketing and different other positions.

Also, even as a business/ brand owner, digital marketing is important to stay relevant.

Every brand or business needs a content marketer.

Here we will be learning about the Content Marketing in Digital marketing, Content marketing job description and Content Marketer Role.

  • What is Content Marketing in Digital Marketing
  • Aims of Content Marketing in Digital Marketing
  • How Content Marketing Helps Grow a Business
  • Who is a Content Marketer?
  • What are their Roles?
  • Content Marketer Skills
  • How Can I Become a Content Marketer?

Ads are like; Content marketer role available, skills for a content marketer, I need a content marketer, $100 for a Content Marketing role, etc.

You may have seen these and many more, that’s why you’re searching to know more about content marketing in Digital Marketing.

Or you want to start and level up your career as a content marketer.

Before I explain who are a content marketer and their roles, let’s know about “What is Content Marketing“.

Here (How to grow your business with digital marketing), I highlighted what content marketing is and how it benefits business growth.

What is Content Marketing in Digital Marketing?

Content marketing is a part of the Digital Marketing Strategy. This involves planning, creating, executing, and analyzing content for brand awareness.

In simple words, it’s the way you market your business, brand, organization, etc. using digital marketing procedures for awareness.

It’s basically, how you promote a brand for sales and lead generation purposes.

This can be Social Media, Websites, Billboards, TV, Books, etc.

What is the Content Marketing in Digital Marketing aim for a business? 

  • Brand Awareness: Through content marketing for a brand, consumers, and prospects are made aware of your business.
  • Sales and Lead Generation: Every business needs to continue operations or remain in business. If there’s no revenue, ROI, or Profits, the business will run at a loss. Content marketing in digital marketing aims to boost sales for a business.
  • User Experience: Content marketing helps consumers or prospects understand your brand, its application, its benefits, updates, etc.
  • Credibility: Consistency in showcasing your brand through content marketing, consumers/Customers./Prospects/Audiences will begin to trust you and engage with your brand.

Ways Content Marketing in Digital Marketing of a Brand/Business Can Be Done;

  • Sales promotion; Business needs visibility to grow and make profits. All means of promotion through content marketing can bring more sales to a brand.
  • Educative post; Educative content about a brand’s purpose and how its service or product can be used, is content marketing.
  • Entertaining post; a brand needs to amuse its audience once in a while, with content about myths, and fun aspects of a brand product or service that will keep its audience engaged and loyal.(Just like this airline)
  • Customer feedback; People buy with emotion and seeing their peers purchase or speak well of the brand will trigger that dopamine that a brand is reliable. Social proof is essential, and that’s a part of content marketing strategy

How Content Marketing Helps Grow a Business

Content marketing is the center of all market processes and helps in all brand positioning.

Marketing your product or service and achieving requests is one of the biggest challenges businesses face.

Using different digital marketing strategies and incorporating them into a business, can yield good sales and lead results.

Here are a few ways content marketing help grow a business

Brand Visibility;

The main aim of business visibility online is content.

Content marketing is making prospects, and business audiences know more about the brand and its solution to their problem.

Brand visibility through content marketing can be done organically or through promotions (paid advertisement).

Brand Positioning;

Content marketing builds this connection between a brand and its audience. This relationship comes as a result of trust and leads to loyalty of the customer.

Your brand will be known for whatever and how it is being showcased. It could include; Brand Color, Brand voice, and the style at which your content is put out, video or writing content.

Check out; (Shecluded) a female growth brand based in Lagos, Nigeria. Its mission is to fund women in business and educate and grow female brands.

Brand Positioning in content marketing
Branding for Content marketing

Email list;

Now, that you have put out regular content streaming from your business and have built an audience as a result, a beneficial next step is to build an email list.

What is an Email List?

This includes names, email addresses, phone numbers (not necessary), etc.

The email list is very important when your social media gets banned or closed promptly; you still have details of your customers.

This builds cordial relationships between a brand and its audience.

How do you get this? Adding a Call-To-Action (CTA) at the end of every content you upload for your audience to subscribe.

Who is a Content Marketer?

Having known the content marketing in digital marketing process, I bet you know who a content marketer is now.

A Content Marketer oversees all marketing techniques through, researching, planning strategically, and executing relevant and beneficial content for brand visibility and sales. 

So, a Content Marketer is a master of many skills.

Content marketers understand the algorithm and tactics of marketing. They execute and monitor these tricks through practice.

What is a Content Marketer Role

  • Research; Content marketing in digital marketing success is a result of great and deep research of a business and its principles.
  • Community Building; Audiences only stay loyal when they gain value. Content marketing involves keeping your audience, prospect, and customer, together in the brand story. So, as a content marketer, you are to know how to build a community and retain them.
  • Strategic planning; Executing content can be done anyhow, but understanding your business, location, time zones, product or service solution, etc. Will help the content marketer plan a business process and execution. That is a skill for a content marketer!
  • SEO; Search Engine Optimization is important in content marketing. Content marketing in digital marketing through SEO helps boost a brand’s visibility and sales rate. SEO ranking works efficiently on business websites and that is its principal purpose.
  • Social Media Marketing; Content marketing is most times referred to as social media marketing. But content marketing in digital marketing is a broad aspect in the digital marketing space compared to social media marketing. Social media marketing only work with social media channels, while content marketing work with offline and online digital marketing types.
  • Websites; Website updates, blogging, etc. are all effects of content marketing, and that is the role of a content marketer. A brand stands as an authority in its niche by having a website.
  • SWOT Analysis of a business (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats); this is understanding the business model and planning out its execution process. As content marketer should know all basis of any business or brands he/she is working with. That way, drafting a strategy won’t be backbreaking.

Content Marketer Skills

As earlier stated in how content marketing in digital marketing can grow a business, these skills are what an aspiring or content marketer should develop and help meet a brand’s sales target.

1). Copywriting

2). Content writing

3). Deliberate and intensive Research

4). 4 P’s of Marketing (Product, Price, Place, Promotion)

5). Ads keyword

6). SEM

7). SEO

8). Good Communication

9). Storytelling

10). Analytical skills

11). Attention-to-details

12). Record-keeping

13). Social media knowledge

14). Business model

15). A little bit of multitasking (yeah right)

How Can I Become a Content Marketer?

Content marketing in digital marketing is a skill that does not require a degree but a focused mindset in acquiring the basic knowledge and application of it in the brand.

It would be a bonus to become a Digital Nomad in the career as well.

Becoming a Content marketer involved;

  • Learning what a content marketing role is about
  • Creating a portfolio as a beginner for job application
  • Volunteering for small businesses or agencies
  • Self-practice for your business( if you want to grow your business personally)


What’s a content marketer’s income range?

This depends on your location, but notwithstanding.

A content marketer’s job is big and tasking mentally, so deserves good pay for a job well done.

Pay varies from $150 (conversion in naira -150,000) and above. It also depends on the project. How big it is, determines the pay the marketer should earn.

A Content Marketer is important for a business and that means you’re essential.

Stay ahead and up-to-date whilst performing content marketing tasks.

Have any questions still not answered?

Let us know in the comment section.

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