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Where to Get Content Ideas for a Business

where to get content ideas for a business? Content creation is everyone side hustle now in this digital space. Either as a business, or self-brand. The struggle on what to post that will be engaging to your audience or prospective customers can be overwhelming.

If you are an Introvert like me, then it makes it more tiring, because there is a quote I read somewhere that states “inspirations are outside”. Well, I had to find a way around finding inspiration inside and here to help you too. J

The strength of your social media is determined by the strength of your content.

Here, are places where to get content ideas for your social media marketing.

This content idea template cannot be over-hyped because it’s ever new when tried. One thing to consider is to have a creative and problem-solving mindset, that way content ideas would naturally flow in.

Before we continue, if you are a digital marketer, check out this page for content ideas.

Here are 30 places where to get content ideas for a business

  1. Search Engines;

This is my first spot for content ideas. It could be fellow blog post, an idea that popped up and I type it on the search engine. But, I’m focused on the “people also ask” option. That way, you get an idea of what your audiences are searching for and what to create.

The headlines can be used for infographics, blog post, video content, Q and A section, etc.

  1. SEO Software’s:

Software’s as SEMRush, Answerthepublic, Achrefs, etc. These software’s help simplify content been searched for and its ranks around your niche. It also helps amplify your blog post for possible ranking on search engine results page (SERPs).

  1. Books:

It could be hard or soft copies that are related to your niche or even random books. You tweak the idea to relate to your business. So, yes! You need to read more to get content ideas too.

  1. Quora:

Quora provides a platform for users to ask and answer questions. Create a profile and join various groups related to your business and read through. You can answer a question or ask and that is just it!

  1. Past Content:

It’s okay to revamp your previous content, create it in a new update format with current trends in your business industry. I mean, nothing is new, but you can have new audience and won’t be a bad idea to show it to them again.

  1. Competitors Page:

This can’t be overlooked of course. You get ideas from your competitors, but not copy act for act. Analyze, get insights and style it your way for your brand, it applies for both service and product business respectively.

  1. Daily Activities:

This is great for the “extroverts”. Workout session, family dinner, hangouts, meetings, etc. keep an open and creative mindset always. Everything in life is content itself and been able to use it in your business is a top notch skill. Trust me

  1. Customer feedback:

This is a very good content idea bank. Customer reviews (positive and negative), comments under a post (your page or competitors page), etc. these type of content can be used for advertisements as well.

  1. Ask your Audience:

Your audiences are the price you are trying to win over, ask them either through a poll or survey on what type of content they would want to see from your brand.

  1. Ask people:

On your way out to any event, ask random people with their permission on what bothers them about anything in your business niche or what they would like to ask an expert in your niche etc.

  1. Blog post shorts:

It’s okay to revamp your blog post content for your social media marketing. Re-create it into designs or videos with animations or your team.

  1. Holiday Posts:

It’s easier with this type of content for any business. Get to know what is happening through your calendar and create post around it.

  1. Behind-The-Scene:

Let your audience connect with you. Humanize your content showing package period, delivery, team members, meetings, work session, lectures, A-day-in, how to locate company location, memories, events, fairs, etc.

  1. Customer of the Week/ Highlights:

People love when they are been heard. Showcase one of your customer/client. Ask clients for video review of your product or service, purchase-to-sales process.

  1. Memes:

It’s a social world now, be part of it. Share memes that are related to your brand niche or create one using stock photos or self-made ones.

  1. Movies:

Not weird right? Social apps such as TikTok and Instagram trends are mostly audios or movie scenes. While watching movies or listening to music, keep open and a learning mind. Lyrics that are great and can be tweaked into your brand content type should be used.


Post quotes from authority or other quotes that you strongly agree on and will be of benefits to your audience.

  1. Fun Facts:

Anything that inspires or pass a new knowledge should be an option for your audience I guess… It could be related to your brand or any other, try it out.

  1. Introduce New Team Members:

We love to know what’s happening in your company, so it’s not a bad idea to let us know a new employee, manager, sales rep, etc.

  1. Events:

A great place where to get ideas and event you attend too. Discussions, people chip, acts, etc. Have you tried it before? Let me know in the comment section.

  1. Write about your favorite product or service:

Tell your audience about your favorite thing to do or product you used. It creates a bond between brand and customers, thereby building trust.

  1. Throwback/History:

Create a post about past events that has happened in the company and history tales. Its an interesting content idea though.

  1. YouTube:

YouTube is a great platform for content ideas. Users learn from here a lot and that serves as a place to get content ideas for your audience that can’t access it.

  1. Podcast:

The trend in this communication means is massive and a lot of topics are shared during the process.

  1. Ask Industry Experts:

Experts in your industry have gone through the early stage; it would be a good idea to get information on the growth process and mistakes to avoid. That serves as content (e.g. things I learned of recent)

  1. Online Groups as where to get Content Ideas:

Social media groups are good places for content ideas as topics, relevant questions, problems, are been solved. Remember as a creator, you are trying to solve a problem.

  1. Emails and Newsletter:

I use this type of form a lot of times for content ideas, especially getting new trends related to my brand niche. It might not be an email related to my brand but I find a way to tweak the content for it. Try it and let me know.

  1. Myths:

Debunk any fake news or things which are not true in your industry. Educate your audience on the right information and solutions.

  1. Achievements/ Success Stories:

Your audience loves to hear about your achievements and growth. So, feel free to share even little success stories. Everyone loves a winner.

  1. Live Sessions/ POV (point of view)/ Interview:

Coordinate or reach out to people that you would love to hear their side of story pertaining an event, product, service, place, etc. that is a great way to grow your brand and a good content too.


There are many ways to get content ideas for your business, you just need to be open-minded and creative.

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