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12 Best Digital Marketing Tools For Freelancers

What is digital marketing without the tools used in its process of execution? 

 Freelancing is working on a per-job basis, and having a swift and result-driven goal is essential for your brand. 

As a freelancer advances in the digital marketing niche, one needs to stay updated on digital marketing tools that will help perform the essential task.

Having these digital marketing tools can help save time, deliver, and boost the marketing process. 

Keeping up with a client’s project and enjoying the digital marketing journey is bliss, especially with the right tools for proper strategies and results. 

To help you understand the importance of a few tools, I have listed (12) digital marketing tools every freelancer should have in their tool space. 

These tools aid research, marketing, social media, SEO, analytics, etc. 

There are more tools, but these here are a must-have. 

Tools content; 








Answer the public 

Send pulse 


Google tools

Chat GPT 

Now let’s go on…

Marketing and Research Tools 

Answer the Public

 is a free digital marketing tool acquired by Neil Patel. It’s a keyword research tool for all niches.  

It solves many reasons for digital marketing strategy and content. 

Here are a few we find interesting. 

Content headline

Search volume for every niche 

research tools in digital marketing

How to use Answer the Public for digital marketing ideas: 

  • Create an account 
  • Enter the keyword in the search bar 
  • Visualisation like the image above will pop up in 4,(Questions, prepositions, comparisons, and related). While Alphabetical comes in table form.
  • Read through the data tab
  • Write down and get to work.


is a Q and A website that helps people with information. 

Also, creators contribute to the site to give a take on a particular niche as an expert. 

Quora is a beneficial tool for digital marketers and serves as a research tool for content ideas. 

Quora is used to connect with others in your niche, digital marketing, etc. Because of the variety of space in it. 

Question section for Quora 

Note; if a question you want to know about has been asked before or answered, the question shows up while typing, and shows the number of answers to the question. 

A digital marketer that wants to keep up the trend for FAQ in any niche you’re working on, this is a recommended platform for research. But, should not only be used for reference purposes. 



 CHATGPT is one of the best thing to happen to the AI space in recent times.  Although, there are other AI tools such as Bard, Chatgpt still stands out and keeps staying updated. This site can help freelancers in digital marketing in the following ways:

  1. Content idea
  2. Revamp
  3. Brand positioning 
  4. Content for blog the post
  5. Research for all niche 
  6. FAQ, etc. 

And, we love the ideas it brings.  

All you need to do is have an account, type in research keywords, and ideas, and tweak into your voice and audience type.  


is an email marketing tool for businesses and creators. 

Email marketing helps digital marketers stay connected with their target audience and consumers.  A digital marketing strategy isn’t complete without email marketing as part of it. 

Emailing has a high ROI. 

Tips to email marketing

  1. Email new subscribers within 24 hours
  2. Add a social sharing button
  3. Optimise email for both mobile users and desktop 
  4. Always check email performance
  5. Keep email simplified   



helps analyze and measure results for content and competitors’ research. 

This includes; keyword research, market trends, SERP ranking, and competitor analysis.  It’s a beneficial tool for digital marketing strategy. 



is a social media management tool for digital marketers in the social media managing aspect. 

It helps schedule and edit social media posts. HootSuite as a tool for digital marketing strategy, can help track conversion rates, and schedule multiple posts.   

Digital marketing tools such as hoot suite are easy to use and essential for social media managers. 



 tool helps in creating designs for social media upload and other digital marketing processes such as; flyers, logos, banners, etc. 

You don’t need to be an experienced designer or artiste, to navigate your way through the app or site.

 It’s being made easy with various templates for different niches. 


 is a stock photography site for free photo use on social media. 

Unsplash has been cited as one of the world’s leading photography websites by Forbes (source: Wikipedia). 

Photographers put images shot on these sites and consumers like us (digital marketers) who need these photos to pass the message on our content use them. 

It’s a very nice site for every digital marketer. Go check it out for your stock photos. 



Managing a team and wanting to send out a message so they all get it once without sending them one by one. 

Slack app is a great team messaging app every digital marketer should be using. Easy communication with all team members and collaboration. 

You can have a unique username and invite anyone you want to be part of a team you created. 


Productivity is important for a digital marketer.  One tool that helps in project management is the Trello

It is used for collaborating with fellow team members and keeping track of every project done.  It’s free and easy to use. 

  • Grammarly;  is an AI content-writing tool. It can be installed as an in-keyboard for writing using either a phone or desktop. 

It helps correct grammatical errors and tells how your text will sound to your reader,  missing punctuation,  and “clarity” suggestions.  

Digital marketers who need help writing content that will sound explicit to their audience should have Grammarly as an important tool on their phones. 


Google Drive

  helps save documents, etc. For reference or receipt purposes. 

Google Drive is one tool workspace for all Google activities. This includes, 

Google sheets

Google docs

Google Slides etc. 

Digital marketing is made easy with Google for easy documentation and working experience.  

A must-have because it comes with every digital gadget 🙂 

Google Analytics

Want to know how a client site is performing? Then Google Analytics is a must-have tool for digital marketers. 

It also helps measure advertising ROI (Return on investment), telling what performed well and what didn’t perform well.  It provides insights for better business results. 

If you don’t have this tool or know how to use it as a freelancing digital marketer, then you need to rethink. 

check here

What other tools do you use as a freelancer that we do not know about? 

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