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5 Best Virtual Dollar Cards in Nigeria



5 best virtual dollar cards in Nigeria: According to Business Day, the persistent Foreign Exchange (FX) pressure occasioned by dollar supply shortage has resulted in many Nigerian banks suspending or reviewing down their international transactions on Naira cards. Some of the banks include GTBank, Access Bank Plc, UBA, First Bank of Nigeria, Zenith Bank, and Ecobank, among others.


Due to this limit/shutdown, it has become very frustrating to consumers and creators that pay for services such as; music, digital products, clothes shopping, etc.

5 best virtual dollar cards in nigeria

The fact remains that not many can meet up with the stringent conditions laid down for acquiring Dollar card and that has continued to create hindrances for businesses, creators and freelancers who must carry out some dollar transcations. As a digital marketer, you cannot do without a dollar card.

5 best virtual dollar cards in nigeria

 Thanks to FINTECH startups that are creating virtual dollar cards and making them accessible to Nigerians for international transactions.


Note; These are recommendations as per what we have used and it worked. So, please do your research always and ask us any questions before using them.



What is a Virtual Dollar Card?

A virtual dollar card is a digital card made available by digital banks (fintech companies) for online transactions.


It’s called a virtual dollar card because the card is not physical. You only see a picture representation with the corresponding numbers that will enable you to transact. You cannot touch or hold the card in your hand, hence it is called a virtual card.


It’s just like the regular ATM DEBIT CARD. it contains every detail as the physical debit card, but can only be used for online transactions.


Virtual dollar cards can be used to pay for goods and services as earlier stated. Or the most common for digital marketers like us “Advertising and Subscription”.


Why it is important to have a virtual dollar card


Although, local banks are operated virtually too, as we said before “online transactions on Naira card  are limited”, and the process of getting a Dollar card is not one that most people will be able to go through, hence the need for  a virtual dollar card to pay your bills. 


The world is digital now, you don’t need to queue in line to carry out your international transactions.

5 best virtual dollar cards in nigeria

It’s accessible; you don’t have to be searching your bag for a card to pay. 

No thief zone; You won’t be scared of “What if this card misplace and someone copies my details” or “What if I get pick-pocketed

Swift transactions and deliveries; you don’t want to be waiting long for the vendor to get a paid notification too long. 


So, here we go with our 5 best virtual cards measured in usability and Customer feedback.  Also, they were not arranged in order of working capacity, please.



Chipper cash



Kuda Bank virtual card



These virtual cards require $5 for creation.


We like the option for master, visa, or Verve card creation.


You know some online transaction requires you to use a specific type of card for payment and payday made that option easy for us.


Its app also shows the updated exchange rate every day. The card rate is low and accepted everywhere. 


Chipper cash


The transaction or spending limit with this virtual card is $1k.

That means you can’t withdraw more than $1000 or deposit $1000 daily.


it’s very helpful I must say, so you don’t overspend but save or invest. 🙂


ALAT by Wema

Alat is a very convenient virtual card. It’s owned by a local bank called “WEMA BANK”.  It was launched in May 2017.

5 best virtual dollar cards in nigeria

They offer a free physical debit card. It’s a recommendable choice for worldwide sales. It’s both available on the IOS and play store.



Its wages are very affordable. Account Verification is very swift and instant. It has a transaction limit of $1500 daily. 

One interesting part is being able to transfer funds from a Paypal account to your Geepay account.




It’s not just a virtual card service that is offered by this bank, there are other services too.

Its virtual banking became popular during the COVID-19 period and had then been the best option in Nigeria.

5 best virtual dollar cards in nigeria

We must say, they deserve flowers for that accomplishment.


The virtual dollar card can be used to receive money and it’s mostly used by Nigerian creators. 


The bank also offers a physical debit card.




Which do you recommend for me?

All digital virtual bank cards are doing great in providing their service for us the consumers.


You know Nigeria banks give virtual cards but all are in Naira. And these digital banks made it easy for us.


So, you can try them out with a lot of research as well.




Virtual dollar cards are a great choice for payment in any online transaction. It saves the torture of not long queues, rude desk officers, incomplete transactions, and FOMO on sales day.


What other virtual card do you think we should try and see the wonders they are performing?



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