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Best Skills to Learn and Work from Home

Best skills to learn and work from home? I know we all want our comfort and no “bossy” orders. Working from home doesn’t mean you are not still working for someone, it’s just the comfort of you being anywhere at any time. Learning the skills online is more convenient and costless at your pace, and of course, you still work online.

Working from home requires technical, interpersonal, and time management skills.

Importance of skills to learn and work from home

  • Self-paced working hours/schedules

  • You can work anywhere

  • You can decide to freelance or full time

  • More time for your personal life

  • Cost-less commutation

  • It will help build all aspects of your living

5 Best Skills to Learn and Work from Home

Here are 5 skills to learn and work from home:

  1. Soft Skills:

These are skills we need in our everyday life, and are also essential while working remotely. It helps you stay productive in teamwork.

  • Communication Skills:

Verbal communication: Effective and concise verbal communication is needed during virtual meetings.

Written Communication; Learning how to write in different tones and speech for cases such as emails, messaging, documentation, informal chats, etc.

Attentive Listening: Being able to grasp information clearly and understand it properly during virtual meetings is a top-notch soft skill.

  • Time Management:

Prioritization: Identify and prioritize tasks to meet deadlines for reputation purposes

Time Blocking: Allocate specific time blocks for different tasks to enhance productivity. Try the Pomodoro technique.

Goal Setting: Being able to set realistic goals and track progress is an added soft skill to any organization.

  • Collaboration and Teamwork:

Online Collaboration Tools: Familiarity with tools like Slack, Asana, or Trello for project management.

Team Communication: Engage in effective communication with team members and superiors. Also, knowing how to tolerate and maintain a good working environment policy.

  • Adaptability:

Flexibility: Be adaptable to changes in work schedules and priorities. But, also let them know your difficulties to have a lofty working environment.

Problem Solving: Develop problem-solving skills to address challenges independently.

  • Networking Skills:

Online Networking: Engage in online networking to build professional connections. Join online communities and groups of your desired skill niche or general to build meaningful connections.

Social Media Presence: Develop a professional online presence on platforms like LinkedIn. Now that leads us to the next skill to learn and work from home.

what are Soft skills

2. Digital Marketing;

this consists of social media marketing, email marketing, affiliate marketing, search engine optimization, copywriting, graphics designing, etc.

What is digital marketing? It is using digital channels to promote a business value to its target audience. It could be offline or online, but for the sake of our topic, we are focused on the online marketing aspect.   These are mistakes to avoid during your digital marketing journey.

  1. Email Marketing: using email platforms to connect with a brand’s audience. Think about the promotional emails you get daily or weekly and yes those were written by email marketers. It’s a convenient skill to learn and a good pay as well!

  2. Social Media Marketing: using social media platforms to promote a business product or service to a larger audience through organic or in-organic (paid ad) methods.

  3. Search Engine Optimization (SEO): using targeted keywords that are been researched on greatly about a particular niche and creating content either in a video or written format.

  4. Graphic design: Tools such as Canva have made it easier to design all forms of graphics for a business promotion technique. If you are good at design, horn on this skill as the market search on it is much.

  • Content Creation;

    everyone knows about content creation now and at some point considered it. Anyone can do it, and it’s quite feasible, enjoyable, and artistic. If you are great at aesthetics and not camera try, it’s a skill to learn and leverage on.

What to do?

  1. Pick a niche; this can be fashion, meal prepping, home décor or arrangement, babysitting, etc.

  2. Create alluring content and market strategically. Learn about content marketing.

Cold pitch to a brand that offers this niche you showcase and strike a deal either as an affiliate or partnership.

  1. Leverage on advertising

Content creation is using social media channels, to display all that happens around your personal or work life.

Will you be trying out content creation? Let me know in the chat box.  

  • Videography; VG includes; shooting and editing. In the current era, video marketing is a top-notch marketing strategy. There are different tools and resources made available for your self-practice. If you are good at listening and transcribing, try this skill out.

  • Copywriting: it’s one of the many writing skills and a strategy in digital marketing. It is basically to understand the human psychology towards a product or service and sell using words that lead to an action of “buying”.

Copywriting skill needs a person who knows how to tell a story and use persuasive words to market a brand’s value to its audience.

  1. Technical Skills:

  • Coding:

    It’s known as computer programming as well. It’s simply giving the computer an instruction about what to do on a taken action. With the rise in digital software and hardware, it’s important to have a coder amongst your business part.

  • UI/UX Designs: This represents “User Interface and User Experience”. It’s creating a product either digitally or physically that is understandable and accessible to its users. It involves research, ideation, designs, testing, etc.

The phone apps, software, packages, and gadgets are all end products of UI/UX designers.

  • Excel:

    brands need help in analyzing or reporting their data. Excel skills are great skills for every company’s data organization.

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI):

    AI is a growing niche for all types of brands. Learning how to create an AI to ease a particular task for a business strategy is an excellent skill. AI skill is a sort-after one and if you enjoy engineering, you should consider this skill for extra pay!

  • Data Analysis:

    it’s a process of using data to make information on a project. This is interpreting insights that are useful for a company’s growth after a thorough analysis.

  • Website design and development: every legitimate business needs a website for an effective marketing process. Learn the basics of website design and touch the UI/UX aspect for a more improved learning skill.

  1. Leadership Skills:

  • Project Management: Some tools help in managing projects virtually such as; Asana, Monday, Trello, etc. This skill helps you better manage people and projects strategically and organized.

  • Human Resources: HR management is a required skill for any large or medium company. A human resource manager helps coordinate, train, create policies, etc. for company employees. If you can tolerate or love interacting with people, it’s a skill to learn and get a job on it.

  • Public Speaking: Public speaking works for both virtual and physical events. The goal is to have an in-depth knowledge of what you are presenting. If engaging with people in a conversation or educating on a particular topic is what you love to do, learn this skill and search for brands that need an advocate or virtual assistance.  


5. Organization skills:

  • Research: All jobs or skill needs an ardent researcher. If you find information-seeking interesting, this might be the perfect skill. Choose a niche, research thoroughly and curate details properly, you are earning more right about then.
    • Problem-solving; Challenges can occur at any time during fulfilling a task and the ability for a person to bring up a solution is commendable.

    • Digital tools: Phones, computers, etc. if one can sort out the procedures in handling or navigating through these digital tools, it’s an accolade to an organization or company.

    • Calendar Management: Efficiently use calendars to schedule meetings and deadlines. This also falls under the leadership skill, of being disciplined.

    • Task Management: One is being able to use tools like Todoist or Asana to organize and track tasks.

These 3 major skills broken down into different pieces are the best skills to learn and work from home. It is practical and complements all areas of one’s life journey, especially in this digital era.

Which of these skills will you be learning? We offer most of these skills to help people leverage their time and enjoy life still.

Naomi Obialor

A Digital Marketer with a passion for writing and sharing knowledge in any little way I can, I hope you learned something new today?